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Saturday, March 14, 2009

what's new? lots. been pretty busy. seems like my emo stage is over and done with. other than gigs i've been doing for folks, i've decided to do my own thing and come out with my own toon series. VU/ Violator Union. working on a pilot and an opening theme. you guys will see it on TV sometime in the future.... if i have to die putting it on there. ;P


Varlamov, Andrei said...


Solomon said...

why not put it online and get sponsors online so you can eat, pay rent, and/or keep a site going? I'm gonna' do that plus tour conventions, then later when the series is done collect it onto a dvd. I think your work can make it both ways, you have much talent. just putting the option out there.
can't wait.

Battlemaster said...

yea, this is the move right here, 4 real, makes sense for an independent