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Thursday, October 22, 2009


so long time no post. things have been well. i did the venture out into Cali and met with a pal o' mine. near the end, i got to meet a new pal, the mighty producer of Boondocks, and he was totally cool as hell. to bad i lack social skills. i would've sooooo flexed my funny bone. tell a few horrible jokes and make fun of everyone i see. but like i said before, i was totally nervous. it is how i am when meeting new people or plain just out of my comfort zone. luckily the chic i bunked up with was cool as hell. it was like home. *cough* but about the interview, it went well. they seemed to like me and my reel, so i hope to hear back from them about the position soon. i thought i failed at first since i forgot everything i was meant to say for my pitch. there were 5 people asking me questions. i answered as well as my short circuited brain allowed me. as i told them about the characters in my project, one guy asked me if the character had her voice. for people who know of my Violator Union project, i do the voice of my OC, Leara. well, i'l never loved my voice enough to perform, but as i denied any further creative actions, i suddenly burst out in a voice.... emphasis on the word "A". the voice i did wasn't even the right one. for some reason my nervousness caused my brain to pick the wrong card out of the deck. so embarrassing. then the guy asked me whether i could do the male characters voice. lmao. i found that funny after i got out of the interview, but at the time i took it into serious thought. lol (please don't make fun of this, i am way to naive for my age. if you tell me that you've seen a horse on a bike, i'd probably think it's possible. oh i can take a joke, but at the same time, take it as a truth. seriously something wrong with this picture.lol) other than that, the thing went well. the studio is awesome and i hope i can understand people better in a place like that. i really hope so. i hate being so distant with people. it's not that i actually hate you all... i just dislike having to figure you out. it's way too complicated. but if i am a part of a place like this, i'd have nothing better to do BUT figure you all out. Well! will let you know of their decision later. right now, it's time for me to animate the hell out of something.


oh yeah, and Cali was amazing. the big muscle guys were... very.... coooooooooooool :)