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Sunday, November 8, 2009

King Con

NY King Con.

went and became a name people know. lol it's odd. i feel like i've just made a name for myself. most i've ever done in comic conventions was walk around. this time i actually had a table and i liked it for the most part. only thing is that i bore easily so i had a mind to leave early on each day i was there. the con was great. met a bunch of folk. new and old acquaintances alike, i found them near my table. here's a look at some cool people i got to catch on camera. i suck at taking pics at events like this, and i forget to take out my camera. check it.

first off, big thanks to the coolest dude, i have to say, Joshua Jenkins. he's a tad camera shy, but he's otherwise pretty great with words. hints that he's a writer. will be working with him later next year.

did a sketch commission my second day. i enjoyed them a lot. the people i drew for seemed to reall like it. i'll definitely be doing sketches next time i go to a comic con. here i did one of them full metal alchemist characters. yup i loved it but sadly i had to let the customer take it away from it's mama.

Joshua got interviewed but a reviewer from the Times magazine. twas cool. very happy for the likes of him


CLE2 said...

Sweet! wish i was there to buy a sketch

Jason said...

If it makes you feel better, the Alphonse sketch went to a good and growing home. I did a search and found your blog. I'm glad you had fun . . . and thanks for calling me "interesting" over on deviantART. ;)