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Monday, November 9, 2009

some stuff i do for folks

wow been drawing up a lot of things. i finally got inspiration back. at these times, i love everything. i mean, now to look on it all, i'm a pretty happy person. i lose and gain love for life like every other sensitive artist. it's a gift. but over all, i have no reason to hate my life. i can say it a lot, but it's all resolved when i witness how i can affect people with my art like i was affected by the art of the people i follow.

so i was on this project and i loved it. one of my favorite ones. just some art. i realize i don't post much on this site..... because i am made of nothingness.


A.M said...

youre amazing..i can understand what youre saying..its like a rollercoaster

Tara Graphic said...

Awesome. Why are you so Awesome???!!!

mellon said...

It was nice meeting you at Drink & Draw the other night. You do wonderful work, keep in touch.

fernando lucas said...

now I'm watching this blog, cool work!