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Sunday, December 27, 2009

The start of a wonderful upgrade.

so, I've been feeling like I've lacked that burst of awesome i need when it comes to animating, lately. I know I can do it like the big guys, but I still haven't seen anything great come from my hands. That makes me sad. So I've been on this project, and before I started, I promised myself that I'd take my time and do it right. My problem is that I go as fast as I can. I do a good job, but not my BEST job. I need change. If I wish to be one of the best in the world, I need to feel my way. When you rush in, you can't feel much. So with my promise, I vow to take my time and have fun. Take it easy, yah know? anyho, check out this clip. i'm still working on this thing but let me know what you guys think and what needs work if you spot it.


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DoodleRose said...

awesome animation so far.