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Thursday, February 4, 2010

2010 project

hey folks. So i'm a busy girl for once. two comics on hand and two separate animated music videos too. i'm really excited about the video and what i have so far is proving to be my best animated mission in all of my career. i am only one chic, and i'm doing things usually set up by whole studios. so in the long run, i'm really happy to be me. really happy for such a challenge. makes me fell like a anime character. lol WILL OF FIRE! this year will be my best year, and it still hasn't struck me. i feel it will be difficult to call myself "LazyMills" in an anticipated sense. In the midst of my work i constantly have an urge to keep people in the "know". Open Book i am in some cases. this case will be my stretch of restraint. so the last animation post will definitely be my last regarding my project until i finish things and the finish product is revealed in the planned fashion.